Intrusion of Loop Current water onto the continental shelf, northeastern Gulf of Mexico.

Huh, O.K., Rouse, L. J. Jr., and Wiseman, Wm. J., Jr.

An intrusion of loop current water up DeSoto Canyon and onto the West Florida continental shelf to within 8 km of the shore occurred in February 1977. Boat, aircraft, and satellite data collected in the area for another purpose were used to estimate the space and time scales of the intrusion and the ultimate fate of the intruded waters. The duration of the event was 18 days. Oceaninc waters advances across the shelf at speeds of 20 cm s-1. At maximum intrusion, 6650 km2 of shelf were affected. Approximately half the intruded water receeded off the shelf, and half appears to have been modified in situ.

Ref: Remote Sensing of Environment , Vol. 86, pp. 4186-4192, May 20, 1981

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