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ESL upgrades X-band antenna

VIIRS data now being captured at the ESL

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The ESL recently underwent an upgrade to its X-band antenna and is now able to capture data from the Suomi-NPP satellite. The ESL will be capturing data from the VIIRS sensor aboard the satellite. This sensor includes 16 moderate resolution channels and 5 high resolution channels. Also, the sensor has the ability to capture a day/night band. The new capturing capabilities increase the ESL's ability to study oceanic features and tropical cyclones. Not only is it possible to study oceanic features, but land based phenomenon as well.

This new upgrade not only allows the ESL to receive a wide variety of new data, but it also allows staff and students the ability to conduct cutting edge research. With the upgrade of our X-band antenna, the ESL hopes to attract researchers from all disciplines. 
Much thanks goes to our systems administrator, Alaric Haag, for his tireless efforts spent performing the upgrade. Also, we'd like to thank SeaSpace Corporation's Tony Burnuoff for assisting Alaric in the lengthy installation process.

For more information on the new satellite, visit our satellites page and click on "Suomi NPP".

Published: February 26, 2014